Wages at Bitcoin: a reality for 2021?

Wages at Bitcoin could become a reality in 2021. Already the first cases are flourishing in the sports world.

The first step in this new stage of usability of digital coins was recently announced. It is the elite sportsman Russel Okung, who is part of a prestigious NFL football club.

The Carolina Panthers‘ Offensive Tackle has been expressing its sympathy for cryptology for quite some time. In fact, for two years now, he has asked on Twitter for his salary to be paid in Bitcoin. Now, his dream has come true, and 50% of his income will be received in this digital currency.

How did Bitcoin wake up in 2021?
Okung case could extend the demand for Bitcoin salaries
The important thing about this is that Bitcoin, thanks to the current bull run that seems unstoppable, could be massed by leaps and bounds in 2021. That way, a growing number of athletes, could follow Okung’s example and demand their professional salaries at Bitcoin.

One of the main banners of the cryptomonger’s followers is that they come to replace money. The reason for this is that fiat money, they say, is a source of corruption and power for centralised bodies, including banks and governments.

This is what the American sportsman said. „The way money is used, from creation to diffusion, is part of power. Getting paid at Bitcoin is the first step out of the corrupt and manipulated economy we all inhabit,“ he said.

But beyond the philosophical issue, to which Okung is closely committed, are the economic advantages of Bitcoin. Less than six months ago, its price was about USD 10,000. Now, at the time of writing, it is over $32,000. This is a compelling argument for other athletes to want their salaries at Bitcoin as well.

However, it is noted that the club’s board does not make payments to the player directly in the cryptomoney. It does so through a payment platform called Strike, reported CNBC. In this way the problem is solved.

This platform, in parallel, would have already begun to work with other sports clubs such as the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Nets. Analyst Chris Matta, consulted by CNBC, said that Okung’s move „gives Bitcoin more credibility“.

In this way, he explains, more athletes from different professional disciplines could be receiving their salaries at Bitcoin. This is no longer a distant dream, but a possibility that could take shape in 2021.

Facts to consider
For the first time, an elite athlete from the United States will receive his professional payments in cryptomonies.
This is an achievement that Russell Okung has been fighting for for more than two years.
With this conquest of the offensive liner of the Carolina Panthers, more sportsmen could be encouraged to receive their salaries in Bitcoin.
Other New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets professionals would also be taking steps to emulate Okung.