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Secure and Trustless DeFi: Removing Admin Rights for a Better Future


Jan 26, 2023

• Smart contracts are used in decentralized finance for automation and decentralization, but can contain admin rights.
• Admin keys enable a creator or team to exert control over a smart contract, which puts all users at risk.
• Removing admin rights is the next major frontier to be conquered in order to ensure trustless decentralized finance.

Smart contracts are becoming increasingly popular and widely used in decentralized finance, as they provide a secure and automated platform for conducting financial transactions. By eliminating the need for intermediaries, they allow users to interact with the code directly, without relying on the trust of a third party.

However, these smart contracts can still contain admin rights, which give the creator or team control over the contract. This puts all users at risk, as admins can adjust small details or even change the content of the contract entirely. This defeats the purpose of trustless decentralized finance, as users are no longer able to trust the code to remain unchanged.

To ensure that trustless decentralized finance is possible, the next major frontier to conquer is to remove all admin rights from smart contracts. This will prevent any malicious actors from taking control of contracts or manipulating the code, and will ensure that users can confidently transact and interact with the code without the risk of interference or manipulation.

In order to accomplish this, developers must create smart contracts that are completely immutable, and all admin keys must be removed. This will ensure that no individual or group can gain control over the code, and users can trust that their transactions and interactions with the code will remain unchanged. Additionally, developers must take extra steps to ensure that all contracts are secure and safe from external interference or manipulation.

Removing admin rights from smart contracts is an essential step in achieving trustless decentralized finance, and will ensure that users can confidently interact with the code without the risk of their transactions being altered or manipulated. By ensuring that smart contracts are completely immutable and secure, users can trust that their transactions will remain unchanged, allowing for a more secure and reliable form of decentralized finance.

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