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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Accepts Bitcoin for Campaign Donations – A Historic First!


May 20, 2023

• Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has become the first presidential candidate to accept Bitcoin as a campaign donation.
• He stated that cryptocurrency is a symbol of democracy and freedom, and voiced his opposition to the launch of the FedNow CBDC.
• Kennedy believes that the US economy will be stronger if it embraces a diverse ecosystem of currencies.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: First Presidential Candidate to Accept Bitcoin

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the presidential candidate in the United States, has become the first-ever presidential candidate to accept Bitcoin for campaign donations. He voiced his support for cryptocurrency at a crypto conference, stating that it is a symbol of democracy and freedom. Moreover, he believes that if America accepts a diverse ecosystem of currencies, its economy will be stronger.

Opposition to FedNow CBDC

Kennedy opposes the launch of FedNow CBDC which would create a war on the crypto market according to him. In addition, he strongly advocates financial freedom and encourages everyone to have their own wallets and keep their passwords so government can’t interfere with their finances.

Support from Crypto Advocates

The presidential candidate has gained support from crypto advocates who are passionate about Bitcoin not just because it is a currency but also because it represents an exercise in democracy and freedom. His commitment towards cryptocurrency comes at a time when US regulatory environment is tightening up creating uncertainties in the crypto market globally.

Bitcoin 2023 Conference

Kennedy was invited to attend ‘Bitcoin 2023’ conference following his support for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC). The event was aimed at raising awareness around digital assets which have been gaining traction due to their versatility and ease of use among other benefits they offer users such as security, privacy & decentralization etc., making them highly attractive options for transactions and investments alike .


Robert F Kennedy Jr’s decision to accept Bitcoin as campaign donations marks an important milestone in US politics – one that could potentially open doors for mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by other candidates in future elections as well , signalling wider acceptance among traditional institutions and public figures .

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