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Ripple Secures Major Payment License in Singapore, Unlocking New Milestones


Jun 22, 2023

• Ripple has been granted an in-principle license for a Major Payment Institution License by Singapore’s Monetary Authority (MAS).
• The approval comes amidst regulatory challenges faced by Ripple, including the ongoing lawsuit with the SEC in the United States.
• Singapore has emerged as a leading global hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies due to its progressive approach and supportive regulatory framework.

Ripple Secures Payment License in Singapore

Ripple, a prominent blockchain company, has secured an in-principle approval for a Major Payment Institution License from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the central bank of Singapore. The approval comes at a time when the crypto industry is grappling with increasing regulatory scrutiny in its home country, the United States.

What it Means For Ripple

This significant development marks a major milestone for Ripple as it positions them as a trusted and regulated player within Singapore. The Major Payment Institution Licence will enable Ripple to expand its operations and offer its innovative payment solutions to businesses and consumers in the South Asian region (APAC). Moreover, Ripple’s native cryptocurrency XRP price surged more than 3.6% in a day and 7% in the past week to trade at $0.5152.

Regulatory Challenges Faced By Ripple

Currently, Ripple is facing significant regulatory challenges due to its ongoing lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This highlights how important it is for countries around the world to create an enabling environment that fosters innovation while also maintaining robust oversight of regulations.

Singapore Emerges As A Global Hub For Blockchain And Cryptocurreny Companies

Singapore has emerged as one of the leading global hubs for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies due to its progressive approach and supportive regulatory framework which provides clarity on regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies without stifling innovation or growth opportunities.


Despite increasing scrutiny on crypto currencies globally, especially in US where there are ongoing lawsuits against companies like Ripple; this approval from MAS showcases Singapore’s commitment towards fostering innovation within financial technology sector while maintaining robust oversight over regulations which allows companies like Ripple opportunity to explore international expansion options away from their home country

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