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Google Races to Catch Up in AI Race: New AI Writing Tool Coming Soon


Mar 15, 2023

• Google has announced its upcoming generative AI integration across various platforms including Workspace, Slides, Docs, Sheets, Meet and Mail.
• The AI writing tool in the docs and mail will enable users to generate text automatically with a few words about the topic.
• The AI-enabled workspace suite is expected to arrive for English-language users in the U.S. by the end of the month.

Google Introduces Generative AI

Google has announced its upcoming generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration across its various platforms including Workspace, Slides, Docs, Sheets, Meet and Mail on Twitter. This feature comes with new ways to summarise and generate text with AI in Google docs.

What Does This Mean?

With this option, users can generate a full email in Gmail and create AI images, videos and audio to illustrate presentations for slides. Furthermore, it will create automated notes on Meet as well as help complete writing within seconds while allowing users to edit or refine generated text with more AI suggestions.

Why It Matters

The announcement of this technology marks an important milestone for Google who had been trying to catch up with OpenAI ever since ChatGPT was introduced by the latter. Following Bard’s failure which pushed Google into developing a new tactic for artificial intelligence development; they have now doubled their commitment towards creating better output from their new system which is expected to arrive for English language users in the United States by end of this month.

Implications For Users

By introducing this AI writing tool into documents and mails firstly; it helps provide users with more efficient methods of communication through easily summarising key points within seconds rather than typing them out manually which may be time consuming or redundant when talking about large projects or ideas being shared between multiple parties over long distances or e-mail correspondences etc..


Overall; it seems that Google’s new generative Artificial Intelligence technology has already started bearing fruit in terms of making use of it across various platforms such as workspaces etc.; while also providing users with an easier way to communicate ideas or concepts through quickly summarised emails written via an automated system that provides intelligent suggestions along with editing capabilities all at once – thereby providing a helpful solution that ensures faster communication but also enforces privacy & security simultaneously!

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