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Boba Network Revolutionizes DeFi Trading with Oku Integration


Jul 25, 2023

•Boba Network integrates with Oku, the most advanced DeFi trading platform powered by Uniswap v3.
•Oku provides a user friendly interface and offers advanced trading capabilities like live order books, in-depth price charts, depth charts, trade histories and user order histories.
•The integration of Oku into Boba Network’s HybridCompute ™ technology will enable developers to use off-chain computing and real-world data more effectively.

Boba Network Integrates Advanced DEX

Boba Network has announced its unprecedented integration of Oku, the most advanced decentralized exchange (DEX) platform powered by Uniswap v3 and built by GFX Labs. This integration promises faster, cheaper, and more intuitive DeFi trade for users across all chains supported by Boba Network.

Features of OKU

Oku is a frontend for Uniswap v3 that revolutionizes DEX trading with extensive features such as live order books, in-depth price charts, depth charts, trade histories and user order histories. It also includes a novel feature that allows traders to submit offers and bids at predetermined prices without ongoing supervision – this will change the dynamics of DEX trades to become more efficient and user focused.

HybridCompute Technology

Boba Networks’ HybridCompute™ technology enables developers to make full use of off-chain data and computation capabilities when building their dApps on the Ethereum L2 blockchain. The integration of Oku into Boba Networks HybridCompute™ technology means users can now enjoy an even smoother experience when using the platform for DeFi trades.

Grant from Uniswap Foundation

Oku was developed with funding from a $1.6 million grant from the Uniswap Foundation which has enabled them to create a comprehensive platform for DeFi traders that brings traditional financial markets sophistication to the decentralized world.


This development marks a crucial turning point in the advancement of decentralized finance (DeFi) as it enables users to access an even wider range of features on top layer two blockchains like Boba Network’s while enjoying fast transactions at lower costs than ever before.

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