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Bitcode Prime Experience

The number of investors in cryptocurrency trading is increasing more and more. There are many of them who have even made trading a full-time job and earn a lot of money with it. However, the market is very complex and many users have little or no experience in trading cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrency markets operate day and time, there is no holiday and no weekend. Thus, every trader needs additional help to survive in this industry. This is where Bitcode Prime’s trading bot can help.
In the following article, we inform the investor about the very popular trading bot in Bitcoin trading. First results clearly show that it is a good software. Before real money is now used, investors should first practice appropriate settings with the free demo account and thus determine whether the software covers the investor’s needs.


What is Bitcode Prime?

This is trading software that uses specific market parameters to determine prices in the future. It decides whether to execute an automatic trading decision.
First, the software will focus on buying bitcoin. However, there are also other cryptocurrencies on the platform, such as Ripple or Litecoin. The bot can be used by professionals but also by newcomers.

Features & Functionality


Who is behind Bitcode Prime?

Most investors prefer to be able to connect the software with a face. But that is not possible with this bot. There is no team to be found that is behind the bot. Normally, this should be a cause for concern, but it is still not enough to question the bot’s seriousness.
The cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is now the number one leading cryptocurrency. It can even be called the standardised version for all coins. The identity of the founder, who uses a pseudonym with Satoshi Nakamoto, has already published a white paper, yet he remains a mystery.
The legitimacy of Bitcode Prime’s bot is backed up by a network of reputable brokers listed on the leading trading platform.

###3 steps###

Opinions about Bitcode Prime

As far as my knowledge of technology goes, I’m not necessarily up to speed. I can get around internet-wise with the help of Google, but I never thought I would use such a sensitive and sophisticated program as Bitcode Prime is, and use it to make money.
The software is easy to use, so much so that I even made hundreds of dollars in profit in the first week. Thanks to Bitcode Prime, we can go on our second cruise for this year.

Advantages and disadvantages

Completely free: The trading bot costs nothing.
Demo account: With a free demo account, the newcomer can learn the basics in order to be able to trade lucratively with it. Real money should only be invested once a certain overview has been gained.
Low deposit amount: Only $250 is required as a minimum deposit. This is even lower than the subscription fees of other bots.
Excellent customer support: The customer service is in action around the clock. All questions are answered in a well-versed manner.
Practical: The software is web-based, which means good flexibility. Moreover, trading can be done on any device that has internet connection.

No founders: who developed Bitcode Prime cannot be found out.


Now that traders have relevant information on how Bitcode Prime’s trading bot works, the registration can be started. With the Bitcode Prime demo account, the investor can familiarise himself with the functionality of the bot. Only then should real money be invested. Our test result shows very clearly that the company that developed the software wants every investor to make a profit.

How does Bitcode Prime compare to other bots?

We are convinced that Bitcode Prime is one of the best trading bots. Moreover, it performs much better than other competitors.
Therefore, Bitcode Prime can be recommended without any restrictions.