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Binance Increases TRX Withdrawal Fees: All You Need to Know


Feb 11, 2023

• Binance will raise the withdrawal fees of TRON (TRX) Network in accordance with the recent proposal 83.
• The user must pay 15 TRX instead of 1 TRX and 0.8 BUSD to 2.2 BUSD for other stable coins.
• This adjustment is done to switch the energy charging system to a dynamic energy model.

Binance Adjusts TRON (TRX) Network Withdrawal Fees

Binance has announced an adjustment to the withdrawal fees of its TRON (TRX) Network in line with the most recent proposal 83 accepted by the community – a switch from an energy charging system to a dynamic energy model.

Increased Fees

The new fees will increase from 1 unit to 2.6 units for USDT, USDC, or TUSD withdrawals, while Binance stable coin withdrawals will be increased from 0.8 BUSD to 2.2 BUSD. For TRX withdrawals, users must now pay 15 TRX instead of 1 TRX.

Dynamic Energy Model

This dynamic energy model is a strategy put forth by the community that seeks to dynamically adjust future energy use based on known energy usage through TIP-491, thus avoiding excessive network resource concentration on a few contracts and allocating resources more fairly across the chain as a whole.

Wallet Maintenance

Prior to this adjustment, five days ago Binance wallet maintenance for the Tron Network took place for about two hours at a time before reopening again for trading activities on its platform.


With this new change in place, users can expect more reasonable allocation of resources on their favorite blockchain platform going forward – though it comes with higher withdrawal fees than previously experienced prior to this update overall.

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